Tank Light

Tank Light
Will maintain the Aquarium Light on all night to bother the fish? What music playing near the tank?

One tiny tank in my baby's room to use as a night light and for entertainment. I believe that light can be in the room for this, but we'll see. Anyway, will constant light (daylight and then the light tank) to bother the fish? Do you need some darkness to rest or something? In addition, I have a CD player at night to play lullaby music for baby. It's pretty quiet, but the only space that is just the tank. Does noise bother the fish? Only a couple of small fish at that point, but worry about their feelings and general well!

You can keep the light on all night, shut it down during the day or end up with algae problems nightmare. Fish do not sleep the way to do, but people tend to instinctively assume anthromorphize pets and the need for what we do. Light music as it will make no difference to the fish.

Commando Stingray Light Tank

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