Marineland Eclipse

Marineland Eclipse

Marineland Eclipse 5 is a good first aquarium?

When you decide to buy your first aquarium, there will be several options that you need to do. Let me illustrate Marineland Eclipse process using 5 as an example. This will give the necessary attention.


The first decision is how big is The aquarium should be. You will find many different opinions. Some people say as little as 1 gallon is enough. Others give more precise recommendations, such as 1 gallon of water per 1 inch of adult fish. That's a very good way to determine a minimum size for an aquarium.

So, as an average adult Betta is about 2 inches long, we can say that 2 liters is the absolute minimum. 3 gallons and 5 gallons would be better would be a good potential "optimal" Betta first house. I guess you are interested in more than the bare minimum. That would make an aquarium Marineland Eclipse 5 good starter for a single betta fish.

Marina Eclipse 5 comes in several variations – is the Marineland Eclipse Hex 5 Fully Integrated Aquarium Kit Marineland Eclipse Hex 5 Aquarium Kit and the Eclipse Corner 5 Combo.


Another decision is between glass and acrylic. In the old days, the tanks were made mostly of glass and is still preferred by many aquarists. Do not scratch easily and maintains its clarity over time. But acrylic has some important advantages. On one hand, it is much lighter, which can start really a question, after adding water, the substrate and the decor in your tank. High Quality acrylic, like the Marineland eclipse 5, also keeps not lose its clarity and color. Acrylic is easy to repair when scratched. Polishing kits are widely available, but please do not use them inside the tank; Only the outside.

It's much, much harder to break an acrylic tank. Especially if you're buying for a child, an acrylic tank Eclipse 5 would like a safer way to go glass.

The acrylic is stronger than glass. Acrylic tank will therefore be thinner than Glass Aquarium. And any Acrylic Aquarium can be drilled, if you add a system of excess.

Ease of installation

The Marineland eclipse 5 aquarium is designed for easy setup. From the lighting and filtration comes with the tank, there is little need to worry purchase separately. The instructions are easy to follow and most customers write positive reviews about this product.


Marineland Eclipse 5 Aquarium is a very attractive combination of functionality and design. People find the hexagonal shape of a premium for the 360 degree panoramic area display.


Marineland Eclipse 5 is without doubt a price for people on a budget. That is why it has achieved such popularity. It may be property is called aquarium starter kit. Includes a biological filter wheel and mini-compact fluorescent lighting system, which are found in the hood. Buy all the essentials separately would cost you more money.

About the Author

Mischa Hill is a Betta fish enthusiast. He likes to contribute to the well-being and health of all Bettas by providing information and resources on
. Click here to read more about Betta fish tanks, especially about the Marineland Eclipse 5.

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